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Commercial Solar

Solar Energy For Your Business
Modergy Commercial Solar is a fully owned and operated Australian company that specialises in helping reduce business energy costs and their carbon footprint by installing solar systems on commercial factories and warehouses. 

In times of recession the most important job that every CFO and business owner has is to cut costs. We can show you how to do that with no capital outlay and no reduction in staff by simply taking advantage of an asset that every business has and virtually every business forgets.

The truth is, your roof is worth tens of thousands of dollars to you. We know you don’t waste a square metre on your warehouse floor, so it makes sense to take advantage of your roof space as well. You do this by installing a state-of-the-art Solar System.

Given the extremely generous government incentives involved, the financial business case for installing solar is overwhelmingly positive.
Why are we different?
Modergy Commercial Solar is an electrical contracting company that sells and installs solar power systems. Modergy does installations for commercial, residential, other solar sales companies and offers technical support to these companies where required.
Modergy has full control and transparency over the solar installation from start to finish. Regular communication between the salesman and installer makes for a better solar installation. We work together using our technical knowledge to maximise the potential of your solar system in a seamless manner.

Commercial Solar

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