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Finance Your Solar System and Pay Nothing Up Front
A financed solar system (Power Purchase Agreement or lease) eliminates the need to find the cash to pay for the solar system and is cash flow positive from day one.

Power Purchase Agreement

 There are no strings attached here, with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) you can pay absolutely nothing for the solar system (a PPA uses current energy cost savings to pay for the solar system) and receive electricity at 30% - 40% below your current cost for the next 15 – 20 years. A PPA is totally off-balance sheet and all repairs and maintenance are carried out at no cost to you. At the end of the term ownership of the entire solar system transfers to you at no cost. In addition, your PPA is owned and operated by Juice Capital Pty Ltd (https://juicecapital.com.au/), certainly the most reputable renewable energy finance company in Australia.

Rental / lease Plan

 With a rental / lease plan you can pay absolutely nothing for the solar system and replace your usual monthly expenditure on electricity with monthly rentals. The total expenditure on power will still be around 20% less than what you are paying now and within 3 – 4 years you will enjoy free electricity for the rest of the solar system’s lifetime (usually 20 – 30 years).

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