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Why Solar?

At Modergy Commercial Solar we'll show you how to drastically cut costs (without losing staff) by taking advantage of an asset that virtually everyone has, but nobody thinks about. Your Roof.

Modergy is here to help Businesses reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint with solar.  We aim to provide the best renewable energy solutions at the most cost-effective price.

Our solar systems also require virtually no maintenance and are designed to deliver optimum performance throughout its lifetime.
Reduce Your Bill and Lock in Electricity Prices

Significantly reduce your electricity bills for 25 years or more. Hedge against electricity price volatility by locking in electricity prices, making it easier to budget and forecast.
Free up Cashflow and Improve Your Bottom Line

Frees up cashflow and provides additional working capital for the day to day needs of the business.
Improves your bottom line and makes your business more competitive.
Improve the Value of Your Property

Installed solar panels can drastically improve the value of your property, helping you to maximize your funds down the track. 
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By installing a commercial solar system, you are making a strong visual statement that highlights your willingness to contribute to environmental sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint.
Australian Government Rebates

Take advantage of Government rebates (STCs or LGCs) and feed-in tariffs. A 63kW commercial sized solar system (approx. 180 panels) will currently receive an upfront STC credit of $33,000 off the cost of the system and potentially produce 100,000kWh of electricity each year.

State-of-the-art Solar Monitoring Software

A state-of-the-art solar system includes monitoring software which gives you a live feed of exactly how much your solar PV system is generating for your business. Available on your desktop, phone or tablet you can track daily performance, output, savings and environmental benefits. 

Commercial Solar

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